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If you’re a first-time homebuyer, looking to expand your existing home, or just thinking to live rent-free for all your life, The CarStudio Home Loan is the ideal solution to all your home loan requirements. Our Home Loans are quick and easy and are available at an attractive interest rate of 9.25% with a tenure up to 30 years. Whether it’s for home purchase, construction or balance transfer, leverage our experience to work for your home loan needs.

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    Home Loan In Chandigarh Mohali Panchkula – Car Studio is a leading pre-owned luxury car dealer from Mohali, Punjab. However, we are also offered financial services that are totally personalized. So, if you are looking for Home Loan In Chandigarh Mohali Panchkula. Car Studio is offering a quick and easy home loan process.

    Home Loan In Chandigarh Mohali Panchkula

    At Car Studio, you will get personalized home loans with easy documentation and requirement. Owning your home is a dream of every single person, but with the increasing rate of real estate, purchasing a dream home is still a dream for many people out there. Even though banks also provide home loans but it is quite difficult to acquire due to many reasons. So, if you are looking for a hassle-free home loan provider, then Car Studio is the answer. 

    Therefore, contact Car Studio for more information and call us at (+91) 97800-10022 or drop us an email at carstudiomohali@gmail.com

    What is a Home Loan?

    In simple language, a Home loan is a sum of money that a person borrowed from a bank/financial service provider at a certain interest rate. The money will be paid back in form of EMI each month until the whole amount is paid with interest. However, a home loan is just not limited to a residential property, but you can apply for commercial property as well. 

    In case of not being able to pay back your EMI on time over many months, the provider will have legal rights to cover the remaining money by selling or acquiring the land/property, after several warnings. Even though Banks offer at varied interest rates home loans in India, but the eligibility and hidden terms & conditions make it really hard to trust the banks. A normal middle-class person has no or little knowledge about complex terms & conditions attached to acquiring a loan, So, people usually ended up paying more money and even ended up bankrupt after taking a loan. 

    Different Types Of Home Loans

    • Home Purchasing Loan – A simple loan taken while purchasing your dream house. 
    • Home Improvement Loan – Purchasing a house always need repair and renovation, so you can go for a Home improvement loan. 
    • Home Construction Loan – Thinking of constructing a house? then choose a Home Constructing loan.
    • Land Purchase Loan – Want to buy a plot of land, then take a land purchasing loan.
    • Home Extension Loan – Adding a new room or floor, then home extension loan will be perfect for you. 
    • Joint Home Loan – Joint home loan is taken by two people like a husband-wife, brother-brother or brother-sister. 
    • Home Loan Balance Transfer – If you find a new lender that provides low EMI and interest rate, then you can opt for a Home loan balance transfer.
    • Top Up Home Loan – for borrow some extra loan on an outstanding loan, then a top up home loan is best for you. 

    Housing Finance in Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali | Car Studio

    Car Studio is running a successful business of second hand car dealers and has a showroom in Mohali. But we also provide financial services such as business loans, Used car loans, home loans, property loans, and personal loans. Now, let’s discuss the eligibility and process of applying for a home loan at Car Studio.

    Eligibility of applying for a home loan at Car Studio – It is very easy to get a home loan at Car Studio. Firstly, you should be above 21 age and not more than 65 years old. Most importantly, you must be earning. Whether you have a salaried job or are self-sustained. At Car Studio,  you will get a personalized home loan as per your requirement and interest rate @9.25% and the tenure of paying back loan up to 30 years. 

    How to apply for Home Loan at Car Studio – It is a very easy process. There is no hefty documentation. All you just need to contact us on the following details. Our team will discuss all the terms & conditions clearly and concisely. You will get a home loan in just 10 minutes and there will no hidden terms. 

    Why Choose Car Studio for Acquiring Mortgage Loan?

    At Car Studio, You will get a home loan at an attractive interest loan @9.25% and you can pay back the loan for the next 30 years. An easy way of getting a loan without any documentation, bureaucracy, and hidden terms & conditions. So, if you want a home loan at an attractive interest rate, then Car Studio is the answer. At last, contact Car Studio on the following details. 

    Contact Details

    Company name: Car Studio

    Address: Plot Number C149, Ind Area, Phase 7 Mohali, Near Esi Hospital

    Phone: (+91) 97800-10022

    Email: carstudiomohali@gmail.com

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q – What are the required documents while applying for home loans?

    A – Birth certification and monthly salaried proof is required while applying for home loans.

    Q – Where will I get a personalized home loan in Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali?

    A – At Car Studio, you will get a personalized home loan in Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali.

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