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As the saying goes, great opportunities don’t knock twice, you must be ready to grab the opportunity and use it to attain self-reliance. However, for doing that you need funds.

We at The CarStudio services help you unlock the true potential of your property and help you meet your financial needs.

Whatever may be your business requirement, we understand it and then customize our solutions to fulfill them With our Loans Against Property

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    Property Loan In Chandigarh Mohali Panchkula – At Car Studio, you will get the Best property loan services in Tricity. Here you will get a hassle-free and at best interest rate property loan in Chandigarh Mohali Panchkula. Car Studio is offering a quick and easy property loan process you can find in the market. 

    Property Loan In Chandigarh Mohali Panchkula

    At Car Studio, get the best-customized property loan services in Tricity. Taking a property loan is quite easy and used for many purposes may be for personal use or for investing in a business. But it takes a lot of time to choose the best financial service provider. The best financial service provider who is reliable. 

    Therefore, reach out to Car Studio for detailed information by calling at (+91) 97800-10022 or drop us an email at

    What is a Property loan?

    A property loan is taken over property on market value. The loan amount is used for many purposes, totally dependent upon the borrower. The most common use of credit taken by property use – for higher educations, new house purchasing, renovation, medical bills, SME’s, debt, and for weddings. 

    However, only 70% of the asset’s market value is credited. The property can be used for residential, lease, and even for commercial purposes. Moreover, there are three main types of property loan –

    • For Lease Rental – In this, the property is used for rental purposes for a particular tenure until the entire loan amount is repaid. It is just like a rental income.
    • For Commerical Property – Using assets for a commercial property. It is best for businesses, traders, etc. 
    • Against Commercial or Residential Property – The value of a property is finalized as per its market value. It is perfect to raise funding on commercial or residential property. 

    Perks to Opting for Loan Against Property 

    There is a huge demand for property loans at low-interest rates. There is a solid reason behind this demand for the mortgage loan such as – Property loan is much cheaper than taking a personal loan. The collateral or property still be owned by the original wonder. The use of property loans is much wider and the amount of credit is much higher than taking a personal loan.

    Moreover, the loan repayment in case of a loan against property has a much longer tenure than a personal loan. On average, the period of repaying the loan amount is between 12 months to 20 years. As there is longer repayment in property loans, it means the monthly installment will be much lower than any other loan. 

    Loan Against Property Financial Service Provider in Tricity | Car Studio

    Car Studio is operating as a successful financial service provider and the leading second hand luxury car dealer in Tricity. Along with property loan services, we also deal in financial loans, used car loans, home loans, property loans, and personal loans. Now, let discuss the eligibility criteria and process of applying for a property loan at Car Studio. 

    Eligibility Criteria for applying for Property Loan – You must be an Indian Resident and must have a minimum age of 21 years old and maximum age is 70 years. Documents need while applying are proof of identity, employer ID card, residence proof, property papers, account statement of last 6 months, income proof, and a per requirement.

    How to Apply – It is very easy to apply at Car Studio. All you need to contact us or you can visit our showroom. Our company employee will explain and verify all the documents. Within 10 minutes, you will get the credit. 

    Why Choose Car Studio?

    • First of all, Car Studio is offering low-interest rate property loans.
    • Secondly, here you will not have to pay high processing fees.
    • There will be no hidden charges and terms & conditions.
    • There will long tenure repayment period with low-cost EMI.

    At last, if you are interested in taking a loan against property at Car Studio. You can reach out to Car Studio on the following details.

    Contact Details

    Company name: Car Studio

    Address: Plot Number C149, Ind Area, Phase 7 Mohali, Near Esi Hospital

    Phone: (+91) 97800-10022


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q – Where will I get the lowest interest rate property loans in Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali?

    A – Car Studio provides the lowest interest rate property loans in Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali for SMEs.

    Q – What are the documents required for applying for a property loan?

    A – Aadhar Card, balance sheet, bank statement, and other property-related documents.

    Q-  What is the eligibility for applying for property loans in Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali?

    A – minimum age of 21 years up to 70 years old and both salaried and self-employed are eligible for applying for property loans in Tricity. Car Studio is offering attractive property loans and is a reliable loan provider.

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